Bison Residential Basketball Systems Are Not
Warranted for Non-Residential Use
Only with Bison do you have over 30 options for your home basketball court. Compare safe play area, backboard size, backboard material and system warranties to choose the Bison system that is perfect for your family and fits your budget. Bison is the only manufacturer that includes player safety pole padding with every system.

How to Select a Basketball System for Your Home

Choosing between a fixed height and an adjustable pole system.
Make this decision based upon the ages of the players and the level of basketball you want to play. The official high school and college competition goal height is 10', but a new basketball system fixed at 10' will be a big disappointment to youngsters learning to get the ball to the goal. Most young players and teens will also want to lower the goal below 10' for slam dunk action. A 10' fixed-height goal is appropriate if you want to play only at the official competitive height.

The backboard material affects the quality of play.
Glass is used for all competition backboards in high school, college and pro arenas because a glass backboard gives the best ball rebound. A home court with a Bison TruGlass backboard is the best training ground for competitive-level skills. Clear acrylic backboards, which give the look of glass, and backboards of graphite or fiberglass all have aesthetic, durability or price benefits – but none of these compare to the playability of glass.

Look for durability to ensure years of family fun.
Beware of basketball equipment makers that litter neighborhoods with rusty, tilting poles, backboards that age too soon and sagging goals. Compare features to get a clear picture of what you can expect your system to look like in the years ahead. Bison’s warranties will give you confidence that your equipment will stand up to years of use.

Safety is not an option. Generous setbacks and pole padding are essential.
The distance between the pole and the backboard ranges from 22" to 60" on Bison pole systems. There’s no one blowing a whistle under the boards in most driveway games. If you expect aggressive play, you should consider a greater safe play area. Pole and backboard padding also add a measure of safety when there is rough-housing on your court. In the interest of your kids’ safety, Bison makes SafeStuff pole padding standard on every residential system. Backboard padding is available as an option for all rectangular residential backboards and is included in Bison's new HangTime systems at no extra charge.

Consider where the system will be installed.
Will your system be installed on a driveway in the front of the house? On the side, or out of sight in the back yard? Street appeal and coordination with your home and landscape should influence your purchasing decision in more visible areas. Choose a system that complements not overwhelms your space and install your system where you will have space to adjust the goal height.

Plan for your family's future.

Select a system that will keep up with changing skill levels. If you want your youngsters to play with you now and on a competitive team in the future, you should carefully consider pole and backboard rigidity. Always select equipment warranted to stand up to active play and look for equipment that won’t detract from the value of your landscape.