Bison Residential Basketball Systems Are Not
Warranted for Non-Residential Use
Only with Bison do you have over 30 options for your home basketball court. Compare safe play area, backboard size, backboard material and system warranties to choose the Bison system that is perfect for your family and fits your budget. Bison is the only manufacturer that includes player safety pole padding with every system.
HangTime 5" HangTime 6" QwikChange ZipCrank Power Adjust Ultimate Portable Wall Mount Accessories Volleyball
ZipCrank Removable Pedestal Base
Removable Pedestal Base

Direct Bury
Direct Bury
4" & 5" ZipCrank™
Adjustable Basketball Systems

You’ll see and feel the difference between Bison ZipCrank systems and other manufacturers’ systems. Bison uses our experience as a manufacturer of competition grade equipment to offer TruGlass tempered glass backboards that give players a more realistic rebound. Every backboard has an aluminum frame just like those in the gym. The extra heavy poles and front crank style height adjustment are designed to change the height of the breakaway goal from 7 1/2' to 10' with the turn of the removable crank handle. As an added bonus, Bison ZipCrank systems can be mounted closer to fences, walls or other obstacles than rear height adjustment systems. All systems include free fitted pole padding. Choose traditional clear or popular smoked TruGlass.
  • 30" Safe Play Area at 10'; 42" at 8'
  • ZipCrank Height Adjustment from 7 1/2' – 10'
  • Removable Hand Crank
  • Direct Goal Mounting Protects Backboard
  • Heavy-Duty Competition Flex Goal
  • Goal Height Indicator
  • Textured Black Powder Coated Pole
  • FREE Fitted Pole Padding
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty (2 Years on Crank)
  • Removable Pedestal Base or Direct Bury
  Lottery Pick™ Smoked Lottery Pick™ Four Seasons™ Smoked Four Seasons™
Direct Bury Model # BA8350 BA8350S BA9350 BA9350S
List Price $1,458.00 $1,458.00 $2,032.00 $2,032.00
Pedestal Base Model # BA8350X BA8350SX BA9350X BA9350SX
List Price $1,582.00 $1,582.00 $2,032.00 $2,032.00
Backboard Size 36" x 54" 36" x 54" 36" x 60" 36" x 60"
Backboard Type Clear TruGlass Smoked TruGlass Clear TruGlass Smoked TruGlass
Pole Size/Wall Thickness 4" Square, 1- Piece .12" Wall 4" Square, 1- Piece .12" Wall 5" Square, .12" Wall 5" Square, .12" Wall
Approx. Bury Depth 30" 30" 42" 42"
Optional Backboard Padding DuraSkin BA54U-BK DuraSkin BA54U-BK DuraSkin BA60U-BK DuraSkin BA60U-BK
Shipping 250#, 5 Cartons, Truck 250#, 5 Cartons, Truck 325#, 5 Cartons, Truck 325#, 5 Cartons, Truck